CPU Temperature fix Boxee Box

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Omdat deze HowTo door mij gemaakt is op een engels forum en ik deze de gebruikers van Tweakers natuurlijk ook niet wil onthouden, is en blijft deze in het engels.


This How-To will guide you trough the CPU temperature fix for your Boxee Box.
Unfortunately D-Link decided to attach a thermal pad to the cooler which barely touches the heatsink of our CPU.
Thanks to some ingenious guys around here they have come up with a fix for this problem resulting in lower temperatures for you boxee and a better lifespan of your device.

I will take you trough a step-by-step how to, to fix this problem.

1. Get yourself the right tools to open and fix the box.


From left to right you'll see: 1x sharp knife, 1x tweezers, 2x small screwdrivers(Phillips), 1x large screwdriver(Phillips), 1x copper shim 0.8mm, 1x cpu paste(Arctic Silver 5 used, but any will do) & 1x sheet sandpaper.

2. Removing the bottom green silicon cover.


This step looks easy, but watch out for tearing or stretching the green silicon cover. I suggest you start at the top flat corner.

3. Unscrewing the bottom.


As you can see above, i punctured the plastic sheet with a knife. This is the best way to go because otherwise you'll see the black bottom when you put the silicon cover back on at the end.

4. Opening the box, WOOHOO!


This one speaks for itself, pull off half the base and you'll see the inside of you Boxee Box.

5. Removing the USB ports.



Unscrew the 2 screws as marked above and then you can lift the print with the 2 usb ports on it.

6. Removing the CPU cooler from the CPU.


As seen on the picture above, unscrew the 4 screws situated on bot sides of the cooler.


And very important, unclip the fan plug from the motherboard.


Remove the CPU cooler from the motherboard and it will look something like this.


7. Preparing the copper shim


Sand the edges of the copper shim so it has a total flat surface. then put some AS5(Arctic Silver 5) on the shim. Important! Just a small dot.


When that's done, attach the shim to the cooler an firmly press it.

8. Preparing the CPU


Put a small dot of AS5(Arctic Silver 5) on the cpu. Important! Just a small dot.

9. Attaching the CPU cooler


First thing you have to do, attach the fan plug to the motherboard.
Then assemble reversed to how you have disassembled it. Tighten the 4 screws of the cooler base & attach the USB Ports.

10. Almost there...


I have used some double sided carpet tape to cover the outside bottom of the Box. This is very sticky and you're sure it will put the silicon cover back on again.
To close the holes for the screws i used some normal white paper and put that underneath the tape.


11. Back to a Boxee Box!


If everything has gone right, it should look something like this. A little hint; if you put back the silicon cover, start at the flat corner ;)